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Social Media Profile Makeover and Optimization - Launch It Consulting

Social Media Profile Makeover & Optimization

Your Social Profiles are Your Reputation.

In our ongoing quest for qualified leads, we search, research, size up, and scrutinize. We examine the digital clues at our disposal and then ask ourselves, is this prospect worth my time?

What we tend to overlook, is, B2B buyers do the exact same thing to us. They evaluate our credibility, experience, approach, demeanor, and any other factor that helps them answer: Is this salesperson worth my time?

When buyers pull up your social profiles, one of two things will happen: They will gain confidence in you, or they won’t.

Linkedin Profile Makeover and Optimization - Launch It Consulting
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Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Meet Your Sales Objectives - Launch It Consulting

Ways to Optimize Your Social Profiles to Meet Your Business Objectives

Your social media profile optimization boils down to a basic concept: Present the digital version of you that will be useful and meaningful to the buyer you hope to attract.

75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level executives use social media when making purchase decisions. They’re looking for ideas, answers, and a trusted partner to take them where they need to be. Will they find what they’re looking for in your profile?

Launch It Consulting will makeover your social profiles to turn it into a magnet for buyers. Your profile will be the sale tool that works when your not.  At Launch It Consulting you will work with professional writers, graphic designers, and social media experts  that will optimize your profile to target your audience.  Our services are customized to your needs and we research your target customers.

Select the package that’s for you:

Recommended for the: Sales Professional, Consultant, Coach, CEO, Company President, Speaker, Author, C-Level, VP, and Middle Management trying to get noticed:

LinkedIn Profile Premium Package: 3 Month contract to make over and optimize profile, build connections, and coach gaining visibility through social media.

Recommended for the: Business Professional, Artist and anyone getting ready to seek new opportunities.  

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