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In 120-Days Launch

  • Weekly 1to1 Coaching Calls

  • Your Website Site

  • Online Course or Conversation Ads based on data analytics

  • 1 year of RevItUp, a CRM and Sales Automation, SW including workflows for:

    • Missed Call Text Back

    • Appointment Setting

    • Web Chat Replies

  • 2 Courses: Marketing Strategy & Marketing Tactics

  • Customized Promotional Plan

  • Personalized Initial Marketing Implementation - Lead magnet, email automation, Social Posts (tactics leveraging your strengths & ideal for your audience)

Total Package: $9,997

Helen Rose Business Launch Consultant


Pursue Your Passion and Love What you Do 

Are passionate about your business idea, but get overwhelmed with the marketing technology and techniques? 


Won't it help to have seasoned marketing strategist guide you towards your goals? 


Maybe you've wanted to develop an ecommerce site, or a course and you don't have the time or technical skills. 

You want to start your own business, but you do not know how to do it.  Maybe you want to launch a website, a new offerings, or your expand your business to new markets.  

Do you get overwhelmed with the idea of building your own website and marketing your business?  If yes, then this is where I come in and simplify it all for you. 

Get Clarity


 Helen Rose Marketing Strategist

How do I Help?

I guide you through the complexities of launching your business, ensuring you don't get lost in the details like website technology.


By focusing on the big picture, we identify key strategic actions to create an efficient plan.


I break down the project into manageable steps, tackling a few at a time for precision and progress.


Together, we maintain momentum with a focus on generating income, avoiding the perfectionist trap of endless additions like products and website features.


Our goal is to balance progress and revenue generation, with the option to enhance features later. The primary aim is income generation, where effective marketing plays a crucial role.

If you build it they will come -- FALSE

Just because you launch your website or course doesn't mean you will have sales.  You MUST market to generate income.  I have been marketing products and services for 30 years.  I know how to help you craft the right message to your audience, so that they can find your offering convinces them to buy.  

We will focus on new and returning marketing tactics to attract new customers and leverage recurring sales to build your revenue.  In developing a marketing plan of action, we will use the same step by step approach in your marketing project(s) to ensure manageability and forward motion.  

Helen Rose - Business Launch Consultant

Get Results


Helen, a Mount Airy, Maryland native, is a seasoned marketer, entrepreneur and educator. She has successfully established multiple local businesses in Maryland and imparts her knowledge in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business at Howard County Community College.


A lifelong Maryland resident, Helen has a strong background in leading marketing teams for tech companies in Montgomery and Howard counties, as well as for major organizations like CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. Her transition to entrepreneurship in 2005 was fueled by over 30 years of experience in digital marketing, where she specialized in creating digital-first strategies to enhance sales and brand awareness.

With more than 30 years in business launch and marketing, Helen is well-equipped to assist in building websites or courses. Her expertise in efficient online marketing makes her an invaluable guide, especially in targeting ideal customers and marketing products effectively to boost sales. Her focus extends beyond just attracting customers; she emphasizes building loyal, recurring sales, which are key to sustaining audience growth and increasing revenue.

If you're looking to align your business goals with proven marketing strategies and want to explore how Helen's experience can benefit your venture, she invites you to get in touch.



five star customer reviews
Customer - marketing strategy, website design, course design

Gina Ellis, House Flipping Coach, Author, & Course Owner

I am beyond thankful for the outstanding performance, Helen Rose has contributed to the production of launching my dream business! She has a level of expertise that is essential to my success and her authentic approach to guiding me and organizing the project is truly effective. I have no doubt we will launch an outstanding product that my audience will understand and be excited about. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Launch It Consulting to my closest friends and loved ones!

customer - marketing strategy


Health Coach

Excellent business guide!  Helen Rose was fantastic and gave helpful insight into business and marketing. She listened to me and my ideas, understood my project needs, and developed my course and website quickly.   Thank you, Helen and her team at Launch It Consulting, I can't believe how far my business has grown since working with you. 

Customer - marketing strategy, ecommerce design

Manise, Health Coach

I feel like God connected me to Helen.  I felt so lost before I started working with Helen. She developed a beautiful website for my business and guided me through designing my coaching programs.  With her help I finally launched my dream business.  She designed a marketing strategy that worked for me and my business. She helped my promote and even manage all the tech for my first webinar.  She was the guide that I needed.

Customer - marketing strategy

Abraham, Business Coach

Helen gets you to focus on what's important to move your business forward. I respect and trust her.  I respect and trust her. She has a combination of knowledge, passion, compassion, and generosity. Helen is the kind of coach that a lot of people NEED today!"

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